The seawater greenhouse technology was invented in the early 1990s by Charlie Paton to solve the shortage of freshwater issues around the globe.

A Seawater Greenhouse is a particular type of greenhouse that Allows the Growth of Crops in Dry Regions such as arid and semi-arid Using Solar Energy and Seawater. The technique behind a Seawater Greenhouse involves pumping seawater to an arid region and operating it to humidify the air. It has also evaporated utilizing solar energy before the vapor is distilled to produce fresh water. The humidified air is slowly released from the greenhouse to aid outdoor plantations. Seawater with a high salt concentration could evaporate to produce salt before being released back to the sea.

Just as with desalination, the last few decades have seen tremendous growth in conventional greenhouses around the globe. There are now about 200,000 hectares of greenhouses around the Mediterranean, and over 1 million in China were 30 years ago, there were almost none. It is because yields are achieved in greenhouses can be 10 to 100 times greater than yields achieved outside. They also enable high-value crops to be grown ‘out of season’.

The Seawater Greenhouse enables year-round crop production in some of the world’s hottest and driest regions. It does this using seawater and sunlight. The technology imitates natural processes, helping to restore the environment while significantly reducing the operating costs of greenhouse horticulture. In addition to not having to discharge concentrated brine, it also benefits from the fact that high salinity water has a powerful biocidal or sterilizing effect on the air that passes through it. It reduces or eliminates airborne pests.

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Seawater Greenhouse Construction Project

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Product Development, Marketing and Distribution

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